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People who are grappling with the aftermath of a traumatic event in the recent and/or distant past, often find themselves extremely challenged as they attempt to manage their symptoms while also trying to manage their lives. They often experience profound states of anxiety, depression, hopelessness, rage, grief and meaninglessness. Unfortunately, many people who have experienced trauma react by isolating themselves, and can find themselves without the support and understanding they need most in order to heal.

I provide a safe space where people can begin to heal from their wounds and regain their footing in life. The experience of, and healing from, trauma can be a complicated and challenging process that is best addressed in a safe environment where you feel supported, understood and allowed to move at your own pace. I am committed to providing this space so that people can experience relief and a renewed sense of meaning in their lives.

Identity and Body Image Issues

I am particularly interested and experienced in working with teen, young-adult and adult women who struggle with identity, body image disturbance and low self esteem. I strive to create a safe relationship where people feel understood and are encouraged to develop a balanced, robust and honest relationship with themselves. I value the opportunity to see women emerge from their process with a stronger, more stable sense of self.

Artists and Creative Process

I have experience working with the unique set of challenges that artists face when struggling with blocks to creativity, or who may have an interest in deepening their creative lives. I firmly believe in the creative process as a vital part of a rich and meaningful life. In my work with artists (dancers, writers, musicians, visual artists) I strive to create a relationship that feels safe and supportive in order to explore the often very vulnerable feelings associated with the creative process. We work together to understand the particular issues that may be contributing to blocks in creativity so that people can move on to discovering and developing their unique vision.